Carpet Cleaning Process

Absolute Cleaning have been trained and certified by the National Association of Carpet  (NCCA)Cleaners to clean carpets professionally.

We follow a standard process to ensure your carpets are cleaned to the industry standard. There are no cutting corners as each stage is important to make sure that your carpets are properly cleaned.

So when you contact us to clean your carpets, you can be sure that we will not turn up with a vax machine or other supermarket bought machines.

We only use industry standard professional carpet cleaning machines and when you see our results you will testify that our machines are far too superior to any DIY carpet cleaning you can do for yourself.

Below is our 8 Step Carpet Cleaning Process, however, there is more to professionally cleaning carpets than the list below. Our experience and training gives us the extra edge. As professional carpet cleaners we understand that carpets are not just carpets but in fact carpets have different fibres, are made differently, have different Ph etc. All this knowledge gives us the expertise to determine the best way to clean your carpets.

1. Inspection & Testing

Our fully trained carpet cleaners will complete our in-house checklist to tailor the service to your needs and identify any risks of colour fastness, shrinkage etc.

2. Vacuum

Using our highly efficient HEPA filter vacuum cleaners we will thoroughly vacuum your carpets, removing 99.9% of dust, grit and other allergens.

3. Stain Treatment

Before working on the whole area, particular attention will be paid to stained areas. We will use our specialised stain treatment solutions to tackle the stains.

4. Pre-treatment spraying

Using our highly effective unique solution we will spray the carpets dissolving that stuck on dirt and grease. More focus will be on those high traffic areas such as walkways.

5. Machine Agitation

To give you that wow result we will use our powerful agitator to break down the soiling and separate the dirt from the fibres.

6. Hot water Extraction Cleaning

Using our powerful machine we will then begin to suck out the dirt out of the carpets. To ensure that your carpets are cleaned to the most hygienic standards we use steam, cleaning at temperatures over 100 degrees, killing all those little mites.

7. Aiding Drying

Our carpets are normally dry within 2-4hrs depending on type. However, we can use our powerful air dryers as is required to even speed up the drying process.

8. Realign pile

We like to put a nice touch to everything we do and following all the above we will brush the carpet and leave the pile aligned. At the end of it all you will be surprised at the results and say wow!


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