Carpet Promite Treatment

promite carpet treatment
promite carpet treatment

As you can see in this pic, dust mites are no pretty sight! Unfortunately, the carpets and beautiful upholstery within our homes can provide an environment where these little nasties can thrive. However, we are pleased to say that there is a solution to this. In two words, ProMite Treatment! If you want to ensure that your upholstery and carpets are free of dust mites then we recommend getting our ProMite treatment on your carpets. Promite treatment is particularly beneficial to asthma sufferers and other allergy sufferers as it ensures a dustmite free environment for up to 14 months!

The added bonus of our ProMite treatment is that it also acts as a carpet stain protector. The application of ProMite will create protective layer on top of your carpets and this layer will prevent soils and spillages crom penetrating deep within your carpet fibres. So this treatment is a worthwhile investment which will not only keep your home dust mite free but also your carpets will stay cleaner and wear less with the stain protection.

You will get 2 treatments out of the ProMite Treatment, stain protection and dustmite elimination! Definitely a worthwhile investment for your valued furnishings.

To see how Promite can benefit your carpets and upholstery please watch the video below, it will only take a minute and a half.

Other treatments that we offer are Stain Protection, Bacterial Protection. Contact us now on 01582 809 166 or via email to arrange a booking or just to discuss options.


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