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About our house cleaners in Harpenden and St Albans

At Absolute Cleaning St Albans, we care about the service we provide to our customers. The regular cleaning service is managed by myself Sharon and I put 110% in all my lovely girls who help me. We all have a good relationship with one another and over the years I have worked with several girls. Some when I first meet them they dont know how to clean but by the time I am done with them they are excellent cleaners who will not only use these skills for the benefit of current clients but also in the future when they have moved onto other things. Together we make a lovely team to work with and you can count on our regular home cleaning service in St Albans and Harpenden.

Why am I the right person to be sourcing house cleaners in Harpenden and St Albans you may ask? Well, because I have the experience, not just the experience of sourcing cleaners but of doing cleaning itself. I used to be a cleaner during my university years and I remember clearly the disappointment on my clients’s faces when I told them I was leaving. They didnt want me to leave because I had been an excellent cleaner and for them that was a rare find. They had been through many unreliable and poor cleaners before I came to them and they didnt want to go through it again.

So I know what you as a client are expecting. When you say you want a cleaner, I know you dont just want someone who will do a quick vacuum and dust, nor someone who will at the last minute send you a text asking to reschedule the slot. No doubt my experience as a cleaner has given me tonnes of knowledge and if yo say to me the bathroom was just not cleaned to the right standard, I immediately know what you mean. I understand attention to detail and thoroughness because  I have been there and done it.

I know there are agencies that never meet their cleaners, that is not Absolute Cleaning. I know there are agencies that never actually work with their cleaners to assess the quality of their work, that is not Absolute Cleaning neither. I have a different approach to all of this and I know better. My approach comes from the fact that I value every client more than words can convey.

So how do we find house cleaners in Harpenden & St Albans

Thankfully due to the good relationship I have created with all the girls over the years, most cleaners come to me through word of mouth referral.

From day one I emphasise to the cleaners the importance of reliability and a love for what they do. When you love what you do, you will usually do it well.

I understand that clients are busy with work and juggling a lot of errands with the children and when you come to me for a weekly house cleaner you are counting on the fact that the cleaner will show up as expected and they will do a good job.  I dont expect my clients to be be picking up a vacuum cleaner or a duster after the cleaner has left. That is a big no no in my book. So here goes, …


1. Home Interviewing Process

I always love to meet cleaners in their own homes. This is an opportunity for me to see who they are, learn about their personality as opposed to just believing the picture they tells us. It is an informal meeting and I have realised that I learn a lot in such a setting  and equally they learn about the role without the pressure. By visiting cleaners in their own homes we:-

1.  prove that cleaners live where they say they live.

2. In the words of Lois McMaster Bujold, A home is not a place, it is people, someone’s home speaks volumes about them. By simply being in the cleaner’s house, we are able to gather a lot of information about what sort of a person they are.

2. References Checked

The cleaner’s references from their previous employments must show experience and ability to clean in a domestic environment. We are looking for honesty, reliability and excellent customer service. Where cleaners are unable to provide references from past employers, usually because some cleaners have been out of work looking after the children, we will obtain character references from someone professional such as a Church Leader or a Teacher. We check references for authenticity and over the years we have learnt how to ensure when a reference is genuine and that the referee has given an honest and true appraisal of the potential cleaner.

3. Two proofs of address, no more than 3 months old

This must be an original formal document, such as a recent bank statement, utility bill, letters from professional bodies such as the Job Centre and Tenancy Agreements. We will only accept these and if the potential applicant cannot give these then they will not be able to join this Agency

4. Proof of Identity

We obtain proof of identity such and for this we will require to see original passport and other accompanying documents as necessary.

5. Legal to work in the country

The Home Office’s conditions as to who is allowed or not allowed to work in the United Kingdom are always changing and we aim to always stay up to date with this information. For the sake of our reputation, and the protection of our clients, we carry out the necessary checks on each and every applicant to ensure that they have permission to work in the country.

6. Next of Kin Details

We want to know as much information about our cleaners, so we require them to provide Full Names, Full Addresses and Full phone numbers of their closest friends and family. This is so that we know what to do in a case of emergency etc.

7. The Training Process

Once our home cleaners have provided the necessary documents and we feel they will be reliable then we will take them through the training. This again is our opportunity to separate the wheat from the chaff. Just in case you are wondering our training doesn’t just include videos! The training involves the cleaner working alongside an experienced team member who will assess their work and show them what is right and what isnt. From this we are also looking for cleaners who are able to take criticism and those who are not. You see the ability to take criticism is important because every client is different and even the best of cleaners can get negative feedback now and again. We want to ensure that clients get a good service that works for them. It is never a one size fits all approach hence cleaners need to be receptive to feedback and adjust accordingly.

To enhance the practical training we give to cleaners we also have a handbook and other documents which detail what is expected of a good competent cleaner. In those documents is our years of experience. What other cleaners have done wrong in the past, and what others have done correctly. These are full of plenty of before and after pictures and this is information we have gathered over the years.

The end result of this training process is a well rounded cleaner who is not only thorough but who also has a good attitude and is liked by clients. Our house cleaners focus on the nitty gritty which is often missed by others who are not thorough. This includes moving furniture as opposed to cleaning round things, wipind down light switches, behind and tops of doors, around sink taps and plugholes etc.  We want a cleaner that gives you the wow factor as opposed to a cleaner you will not be sure whether they have been or not.

8. Supervised Cleaning Sessions

We use our own judgement to determine whether a cleaner requires futher supervision or not. Some cleaners will come with a great deal of experience whilst others dont. So if we deem it necessary, the cleaner can further cement the training by going on supervised work sessions. It is all in effort to ensure that when you contact us for a house cleaner, you will get a good cleaner.

9. Ongoing Monitoring

This is one of the huge benefits of using our regular cleaning service. I have often heard that for most private cleaners their standards tend to slip after a month or so however with us it is different. Cleaners don’t like it when a client complains about their work to us because they know that this will reduce the number of work we offer them. As a result every cleaner works hard to keep their reputation intact because they want to be kept busy.

In addition, I am always a phone call or a text message away and I am also very good with emails. So clients can let me know anytime what is wrong. It doesnt have to be during office hours, I welcome messages all the time. Of course if I get a message at 1am I may not be able to reply but I will attend to it first thing in the morning. I dont run the service on a strict 9-5 basis and those who are already customers know this.

So all in all, I for one know that it takes a lot of trust to be allowed access into a client’s private home and I dont want to disappoint. So I handpick all the cleaners and ensure that before they come to you, they have passed through me first. We go through so many cleaners and we find out of every 15 potential cleaners we only manage to get 2 or 3 that are truly genuine and deliver excellent results. Most cleaners will fall off along the way, unreliability, lack of commitment, poor quality work and negative attitude are all the problems I encounter when recruiting cleaners.

It is certainly true that good cleaners are hard to find, and I have experienced this first hand over the years.  Therefore, I dont need anyone to tell me how disappointing it is to have a cleaner not turn up, or perhaps turn up and do a poor job. Thankfully, this experience has made me picky when it comes to choosing house cleaners for my clients in Harpenden and St Albans. I know all the telltale signs of a good cleaner and a trouble maker. So when you come to Absolute Cleaning you can be sure that the house cleaner I will send you has been through some hoops and I have done everything I can.  Using Absolute Cleaning will shield you from the stress of finding the cleaner yourself.

So if you need are looking for house cleaners in Harpenden or St Albans then get in touch.

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